Work Experience

since 2016

Shareholder and Developer

Alphaport (Bruck-Waasen, Austria)


Java Developer

pixelart (Elsbethen, Austria)


Web Developer



Android Developer Intern

Sony DADC (Anif, Austria)


Software Developer Intern

Metaversum (Berlin, Germany)


Software Developer

TAB-Austria (Ansfelden, Austria)


Compulsory Paid Community Service

Lebenshilfe (Linz, Austria)



Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Master of Science in Engineering


Ajou University (Suwon, South Korea)

Exchange Semester


Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Engineering


Higher Technical College of Informatics

Equivalent to A levels/high school diploma



German (native), English (fluent), Korean (basic)

Programming Languages

JavaScript, C++, C#, Java


Node.js, React, Amazon Web Services, Adobe Experience Manager, Unity, XNA, MonoGame, Android SDK, Windows Phone SDK, OpenGL, OpenCV

Excellent Skills

Object Oriented Programming, Software Engineering, Web Development

Other Skills

Scrum, Creative Writing, Acting

Realized Between 06/2013 and 06/2014 in a Team of 6 (Scrum)
Resources: Installer (requires Windows and a Gamepad), Code Sample, Project Site (German)
Software Architecture (Programming Lead)
Tool Programmer (Design and Implementation of a Level Editor)
Level Items and Ingame Events (Implementation and Synchronization Between Game and Editor)
In One Sentence:
Simetry is a 2.5D platformer, where the level consists of quads and triangles the player can harvest and use to recreate new elements for solving puzzles or reaching new areas.
Realized Between 03/2011 and 06/2012 in a Team of 11 (Scrum)
Award: Ubisoft Blue Byte Newcomer Award, second place at German Developer Award (2013)
Used Framework: Unity
Resources: Website
Character Movement
Event System for Cutscenes and Main Menu
Organizing Storage of Game Data
Software Engineering and Refactoring
In One Sentence:
The Balloon Quest is a platformer, which revolves around the development of a boy and his sister, who live through adventures together and have to learn how to cooperate as they are diving further and further into their own fantasy world.
Realized Between 03/2010 and 03/2011 in a Team of 18
Used Framework: UDK
Resources: Website
Implementation of the Camera Logic
In One Sentence:
Sidelives is a 3rd person game, where you fight against a dark mass called VOID while participating in a contest you're not allowed to sleep.
Realized Between 11/2010 and 01/2011 in a Team of 5
Used Framework: XNA
Resources: Source Code
Implementation of a Tile Based Level Editor
Development of Algorithms for Enemy's Path Finding and Line of Sight
Level Design
In One Sentence:
Stealth Granny is a humorous approach of creating a tile based stealth game, where the player is controlling an old woman trying to escape from a retirement home.
Realized Between 04/2010 and 06/2011, 02/2011 and 03/2011, 12/1014 and 01/2015
Used Frameworks: XNA (2010), SDL (2011), Farseer (2010), Box2D (2011), Box2dWeb (2015)
Idea and Design
Usage of Effective Data Structures Due to an Huge Amount of Physical Bodies
Development of Wrappers for a 2D-Engine and for Box2D for SDL
Tool Programming for Fast Extraction of Letter Structures
In One Sentence:
"Paper" is an idea, which has been re-implemented several times and features the idea of destructible letter structures, which are used to tell stories about their fate.
Realized Between 10/2005 and 10/2009 during my work for TAB-Austria
Used Frameworks: Internally Developed Libraries, Boost
Programming and design of over 15 casual games for Silverball- and Fun4Four-Touchdevices
Tight integration of graphics and sounds within given hardware restraints
In One Sentence:
During my work for TAB-Austria I realized a wide variety of casual games (from Match 3 games up to card games as Texas Hold'em), which have been implemented in small teams (me as programmer, one 2D artist and one sound designer).
Realized Between 06/2013 and 07/2014 in a Team of 13
Used Framework: Leap Motion SDK
Implementation of an Installation using the Leap Motion Controller
Concept Finding
In Two Sentences:
Anton was a multimedia installation being exhibited at Residenzgalerie Salzburg between July and November 2014 with the goal to use multimedia installations for delivering knowledge about the baroque era. Several projects were realized where I was responsible for the programming of an installation where the visitor can rotate a 3D scene of a projected still life painting using his or her fingers.
Realized Between 02/2012 and 03/2012
Used Frameworks: Cinder, OpenNi
Programming of a Kinect installation
In One Sentence:
Swep is an installation, which has been developed for Skidata and showcases a hummingbird flying towards the user's arm to enlighten a flower.
Realized Between 03/2006 and 08/2007
NWVault's Hall of Fame Award for both Asylum: A Bet, A Corpse and Asylum: A Corpse, A Vote
Used Framework: Electron Toolset
Story-, Sound- and Leveldesign
In One Sentence:
Asylum is a twisted tale about loosing the touch to reality with strong focus on sound design and bringing the Electron engine to its limits by for instance displaying strange locations with strong lighting or hacking collision meshes to create translucent walls of water.
Being Good
Realized Between 03/2007 and 04/2007
Used Framework: Electron Toolset
Resources: Download
Story-, Sound- and Leveldesign
In One Sentence:
Being Good was my entry for Obsidian's module contest about fairy tales (4th place out of more than 20 entries), where I used my experience gathered from Asylum to create another unique story in a twisted - yet coherent - world.
Undone Memories
work in progress
Undone Memories is a dark tale about guilt and redemption, loosely inspired by Love Exposure, Frankenstein or Enter the Void. Here, I also experiment around with an alternative way in representing interactive dialogs.
work in progress
545 is a small experiment displaying images by letters, telling the story of a "thing" gaining awareness of its own existence and being scared of the emerging world of possibilites. A small prototype has been implemented using LimeJS (source code), but I'm currently looking for an alternative engine being able to render a high amount of fonts with high frame rates on multiple platforms.
finished 2010
Irre is a short German theatre play, which has been staged at the festival Salzburger Filmtage in 2010.
Planescape: Purgatorio
discontinued 2008
Because of my work for Asylum I have been recruited by the modding team Rogue Dao to design and write content for Planescape: Purgatorio. Unfortunately, the full project was never released.
finished 2007
This is the full original script of my Neverwinter Nights 2 modification Asylum. Please note that several dialog has been revised during development.
Being Good
finished 2007
This is the full original script of my Neverwinter Nights 2 modification Being Good. Please note that some dialog has been revised and enhanced during development.
A Beautiful Nightmare
finished 2006
A Beautiful Nightmare was my first attempt in writing dialog for a game. It is about a person trying to figure out details of a traumatic event that happened in his or her past.
Context-Sensitive Alerting and Reminding on Mobile Devices
Master Thesis, finished 2014
Content: Extraction of contextual clues for measuring the disruptiveness of interruptions on mobile devices based on study data and delivering implementation suggestions for context-aware alerting and reminding tools
Gesture Recognition for Vision Based Interaction
Bachelor Thesis, finished 2012
Content: Comparison and implementation of various algorithms detecting gestures and fingertip positions using the Kinect
Mesh Simplification
Bachelor Thesis, finished 2012
Content: Comparison of mesh simplification algorithms in the context of user generated content within a 3D online game